2013 Oregon Air Rally
July 20, 2013
The Oregon Air Rally was formed in 2011 as an annual charity aviation event.  Through a fun day of flying activities, we also help those less fortunate by raising money for worthwhile charities.
The Rally involves aircrews flying to specified airfields, identifying information, then demonstrating their landing skills at the last airfield.  This year, something new - we're having a "flour bombing contest"!  Awards are given for the top score in each category.  This year, we're ending the day with a barbeque lunch. 
Washington Pilots
Originally conceived as an event for Oregon pilots, the 2011 Rally saw pilots attending from as far away as Seattle.  They had such a great time that they recommended including Washington destinations in future Rally's to encourage more Washington pilots to participate.  This year's Rally route includes Washington airfields.
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Final Results - 2013